Termites are aggressive feeders and cause serious structural damage to buildings resulting in billions of dollars annually.

Often confused with ants, native subterranean termites can be found throughout the Carolinas. These “silent destroyers” live in active colonies that support several hundred thousand workers. Subterranean termites can easily penetrate concrete slab foundations and gain access into your home. You may notice evidence of mud tunnels running vertically on exposed foundations. These tubes connect the nest of workers to the food source (drywall, cardboard, and the wood inside your home). Other signs are swarming, flying ants, piles of wings, or damaged wood at your home’s structural bearing point.

Difference between a Rock Hill Termite_vs_Rock Hill Ant
If you have seen any of these indicators, you may have a termite infestation.  It is wise to have your home, business, or out-structure inspected right away.  If an infestation is determined, we will offer solutions to solve your termite problem.  D&W Pest Solutions offers on-site termite inspections on houses and commercial properties.

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