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Mold & moisture are pests, too.

Mold & Moisture Control in Rock Hill, SC

Mold and moisture can be a major issue in any home or business. At D&W Pest Solutions, we know the impact that mold and moisture damage can have on the lives of families. That’s why our mold experts go the extra mile to offer only the best mold and moisture control services in Rock Hill, Charlotte, and Spartanburg.

Our Mold & Moisture Control Services

When it comes to mold and moisture, we offer a variety of services, including:



Air Quality Assessments

We provide air quality assessments for homes and businesses. Our assessments include testing every component that affects air quality (temperature, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity, dust, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). After the assessment, we’ll identify the weak areas of your home or business, walk you through the results, and discuss any opportunities to improve your air quality.

Mold Inspection

At D&W Pest Solutions, our certified mold inspectors provide thorough mold inspections for homes and businesses. Our inspections include looking for evidence of past or current mold growth, mold inside walls, within buildings/homes, and in other areas, sources of moisture.


Mold Remediation

When you’re looking for the best mold remediation services in the Rock Hill, Charlotte, and Spartanburg area, D&W Pest Solutions has you covered. Our process for remediating mold involves containing the affected area, ensuring there isn’t any possibility of cross-contamination, and following all safety procedures.


Moisture & Water Control

Moisture and water control is essential for any building. Controlling moisture helps to protect occupants from health effects and also helps protect buildings from chemical or physical damage. Our moisture and water control services consist of preventing water intrusion and condensation and limiting areas of houses and other structures that get exposed to water and moisture due to their use (e.g., bathrooms).

D&W Pest Solutions is Here to Help

Pests come in many forms, including mold and moisture. When you encounter any mold or moisture problems, you can count on us to identify and resolve the issue right away. Our certified exterminators have several years of experience providing pest solutions in Rock Hill, Charlotte, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (803) 327-4724 (Local) or (877) 324-8265 (Toll-Free) or complete our online contact form to schedule service.

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